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Chicken with Dynamites

About the Game

Chicken with Dynamites is a game that allows you to control the main protagonist (a paranoid chicken) to save the peeps, eat the corns, and avoid the snipers. And watch out for other perils too!

Use the controls to run, fly and perform other actions. Static snipers can be easily avoided and do little harm with some agility. Red scoped snipers are constantly moving and can instantly send you to chicken heaven (or someone's dinner table). Watch out also for pesky animals that can harm and items that can fry you.

The game will be available on Andorid, iOS and PC soon.

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About the Developer

I'm an independent game developer and a public servant. I love playing video games since the NES days (Ninja Ryukenden, Mario, Rock Man, Contra, Konami World, and Balloon Fight to name a few) and thought of making one someday. I currently live in Canada.

The game was written using Unity and C#. Some of the game's graphics have been outsourced and a few game assets, including music and sound effects, were purchased online.

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